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PCBA is the board obtained after all printing solder paste on the PCB and then mounting various components like resistors, ICs (Integrated Circuits), capacitors and any other components like transformers depending on the application and desired characteristics of the board. A PCBA usually undergoes reflow furnace heating to establish a mechanical connection between the PCB and the components.

PCB is an abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board, which is an important electronic part to load electronic components and connection carrier of electronic components conduction. Why called is due to fabrication with a printing technology.

PCB is classified as single layer, double-sided and multiplayer in terms of circuit layers. Multiplayer PCB with 4-layers and 6-layers is typical. More complex multiplayer PCB has up to dozens of layers. It is also can be divided into rigid board, flexible board and flex-rigid board. Printed board evolved from single layer to double-sided, multiplayer and flexible board, retaining respective development tendency.

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PCB Assembly:

Printed Circuit board assembly is a term of electronic processing industry, mainly refers to a variety of electronic parts, IC etc. materials welded or inserted in a blank circuit board and quality inspection and test, to ensure that it has a complete circuit connection performance.

Blank board is manufactured on the basis of customer PCBA India file. Therefore, there isn’t any electronic parts on the blank board, but a variety of pads. After the mounted plug, mounted that is SMT, which means that electronic parts are welded on the pad, then need to use the DIP plug-in auxiliary processing, complete the whole welding process.

Below is a list of some of our most popular PCBA Services
  • Complete PCB assembly
  • Flexi, flex-rigid PCBs
  • Expertise in BGA mounting, rework, part on part and butterfly BGA assemblies
  • Prototype assembly
  • Aqueous PCB assembly cleaning
  • 2.5D X-ray inspection
  • PCB assembly test analysis
  • Box build testing
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Press fit Assembly
  • Automated spray conformal coating
  • Automated potting
  • Surface Mount PCB Assembly
  • Through-Hole PCB Assembly
  • Through-Hole Selective Solder Capabilities
  • Prototype Assembly
  • Aqueous PCB Assembly Cleaning
  • X-Ray Verified PCB Assembly and Inspection
  • PCB Assembly Test Analysis
  • Box Build Assembly
  • PCB Assembly Manufacturing Consulting
  • Turnkey PCB Manufacturing
  • Consignment
  • Cable Assembly
  • Lead-Free Assembly

The Best PCBA India Services and PCBA Company in India

When it comes to the process of PCB assembly, it is important that one does this process with proper attention, precision and using the best materials. PCBA India is one of the leading company which is providing PCB Assembly services at competitive prices. Place your requirements with us and our experts will ensure you get the best of PCBA services!

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